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The AIP Institute is an international organization responsible for creating, developing, maintaining, and controlling quantifiable units of knowledge and learning known as AIPs (Adapting Information Potential).

A new approach to human-centered automation systems based on the AIP methodology

The AIP Institute presents a new approach to human-oriented automation systems based on the application of the AIP methodology. The AIP Institute has launched and is improving several initiatives that jointly create an ecosystem for human-centered automation. These initiatives are also aimed at solving acute issues that arise when creating automation systems, for example, solving the problem of skill reduction, which undermines the human skills that may be required in case of automation failures, and the difficulty of maintaining vigilance when user actions become less frequent.

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Launching the development of the Cognigraph system

The AIP Institute has launched the development of a Cognigraph system-a system for working with dynamic maps of the potential of the individual. An individual dynamic map of a person’s potential consists of the results of a binary assessment of theoretical and practical knowledge, psychomotor, cognitive, and other physiological capabilities, as well as various processes of human activity.

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The PCT publication of the application for the invention of the AIP has been successfully submitted and passed

The combined results of the Institute’s AIP research in the field of information transmission are presented in the form of a complex system and a method for implementing the adaptive information potential of a person within a given topic. The developed AIP system and method were filed and successfully registered in the international patent system WIPO PTC.

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