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ADANEC Exchange

Platforms for the exchange and distribution of content, developed scripts, integration blocks and other materials from content developers, programmers and partners.

ADANEC Content Store

The Content Store is an exchange for selling verified content that users have published. The Content Store is also intended for B2B distribution of educational content. Any educational institution that uses the ADANEC Repository in its work to create its own educational content can acquire an additional monetization channel through commercial distribution of this content to other organizations.

The ADANEC Repository enables content units to be published directly in the Content Store. To do this, users must set a price, tag their publication, and add a description to it so that it can be easily found by other Content Store users. All publications in the Content Store are moderated, which ensures that the content provided is of high quality.

The Content Store supports content versioning, and a flexible pricing policy permits the use of several distribution models, e.g. buying a specific publication outright or subscribing to associated updates.

b2b content distribution scheme.

ADANEC Block Store

ADANEC Block Store is an online platform for buying and selling specialized solutions from third-party developers who want to add their own types and varieties of block to expand the functionality of scenarios.

The Block Store allows third-party developers to add their own types and varieties of block to expand the system’s block library. Developers will be able to offer their content for free or for a set price. All Repository users will have access to a library of additional blocks, which will allow them to select and buy blocks for any task.

Other Materials

ADANEC Integrator

Integrator organizes users’ workspaces on any type of device and even in virtual environments, combining multiple environment interfaces into a single workspace, or multi-space.
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