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New scoring for Financial Institutions

The AIP Institute offers comprehensive cooperation for international financial institutions and organizations in order to introduce new tools for assessing the potential of an individual, adaptive training systems, personalization of interaction scenarios with customers and employees, on the basis of which it becomes possible to develop existing and introduce new financial instruments.

Key Benefits

  • Introduction of a new type of progressive credit rating based on current indicators of human capabilities according to international qualification systems;
  • A tool for the actual assessment of the competence of the company’s personnel, allows you to track in real time the dynamics of the development and activity of the company’s personnel as an asset;
  • An important actual indicator of human capital in the formation of the value of business valuation;
  • It will allow to develop methods of forecasting personal income based on the potential of human development.
  • Accelerating the implementation of programs for the creation and development of a ” Knowledge Economy “(a knowledge-based economy);
  • Introduction of a new generation assessment system in financial and credit institutions based on the potential of the individual, and not only credit historical data, which will increase the return rate of funds;
  • Formation of various types of indicators and indices (economic, sociological and others);
  • Introduction of qualification coefficients, which will allow to raise salaries in the regions and increase tax fees;
  • Improving the credit image of the company in financial institutions to attract funds (investors, banks) due to the compliance of personnel with international standards of competence with constant 24/7 data updates.


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