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Cognigraph System

A cognigraph is an individual’s personal dynamic potential map, created using binary scores for theoretical and practical knowledge and psychomotor, cognitive, and other physiological capabilities, as well as other human activities. Each user’s cognigraph is populated with cognigraphic data compiled by experts in various fields of general ontology.

Sources of cognigraphic data

  • Cognigraphic data ontology – a dynamic ontological system that evolves to suit users’ needs and goals. It organizes information multi-dimensionally and conceptually, comprehensively representing a person’s activity.
  • Open cognigraphic data catalog – a catalog of cognigraphic data templates tailored to various goals and objectives by our partners, experts, and system users.
  • Autonomous population (beta version) – special forms and a smart support system allowing a personal cognigraph to be autonomously expanded to provide a more detailed reflection of the user’s capabilities.
  • Automatic population (beta version) – population with cognigraphic data obtained from the results of user training on our partner platforms (MOOC, LMS, etc.) in the form of additional templates on profession, specialism, etc.
  • AIP catalog – an extensive catalog of verified adaptive educational material compiled on the basis of the AIP evaluation and learning algorithm, which allows the cognigraph’s potential to be fully utilized to develop and evaluate an individual’s potential.

Cognigraphic data ontology and catalog

The cognigraphic system provides an open database of cognigraphic data compiled by experts and specialists in various fields of ontology along with a catalog of pre-prepared templates.

The classification and tagging system allows the catalog to be quickly searched, enabling personal potential development goals and the appropriate professional functions (responsibilities, skills, abilities, etc.) to be selected for the user, creating a complete personalized cognigraph.

Personalized development plans

  • Creation of recommendations and a personalized development plan that are tailored to particular goals and objectives by searching for and selecting appropriate templates from the catalog;
  • Continuous development of the individual’s personal dynamic potential map. The cognigraph will develop and grow along with the learner, allowing the development plan to be adjusted based on analysis of changes to the user’s cognigraphic data and enabling specific and holistic assessments to be made of the timeframe for achieving set goals.

International universal personal potential profile

Cognigraphs are a new way to create an international personal potential profile that verifies users’ qualifications. Cognigraphic data can be downloaded as an electronic document that includes only the cognigraphic data that the user has been proven to have via the evaluation procedure, or that originate from a partner.

This electronic document can show:

  • the individual’s current complete potential portfolio;
  • a partial view of the individual’s potential created by the user for a certain purpose, for example to create a résumé for a specific post.

Integration with the cognigraphic system

  • Integration with partner universities and content platforms (MOOC, LMS and others) allows for automatic population of the personalized cognigraph for users who have utilized these external platforms;
  • Integration with a range of HRMS systems, enabling the synchronization of various systems for classifying candidate capabilities (e.g. skills, professional functions, job duties, etc.).


Graphical representation of cognigraphs

A graphical representation of the user’s dynamic map, along with a variety of display filters and parameters, allows users to visually analyze and evaluate their own potential from various perspectives and using different information sections.

Verification of the user’s knowledge

The cognigraph system user’s skills, abilities and knowledge are verified through a detailed evaluation demonstrating that they possess all the cognigraphic data included in the personal cognigraph.

Personal recommendations

Users can add cognigraphic data to their personal cognigraph through the recommendation tool. The user can see precisely which areas of their potential could be developed further directly in the graphic interface. Recommendations are created on the basis of expert knowledge recorded in the cognigraphic data ontology.

Working with templates

Grouping of cognigraphic data enables quick exchange between users, comparison with other templates, and evaluation of consistency with the personal cognigraph.

Selected cognigraphs

Monitor the development of particular individuals, opinion leaders in certain spheres, company employees, or any template creators who interest you.

Comparison of various portfolios

The cognigraph system allows two or more sets of cognigraphic data to be visually compared, and then subsequently added to the user’s personal cognigraph.

Verification of data

The cognigraphic data are verified by trusted sources, by experts from the Verification Center, and by machine learning methods and algorithms.

Alongside the AIP qualification framework and the AIP evaluation and learning method, the cognigraph allows a complex binary evaluation and learning system to be created on the basis of an individual’s personal profile.

Other Materials

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