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Launching the development of the Cognigraph system

The AIP Institute has launched the development of a Cognigraph is a system for working with dynamic maps of the potential of the individual.

The term Cognigraph is a combination of parts of the two words “cognitive “and ” graph”, which fully reflect the map of human knowledge and skills combined in the form of a multidimensional graph.

A personal Cognigraph is an individual dynamic map of a person’s potential, consisting of the results of a binary assessment of theoretical and practical knowledge, psychomotor, cognitive, and other physiological capabilities, as well as various processes of human activity.

The user-friendly interface provides an opportunity to quickly create a personal cognigraph of the user based on the generated templates from the ontology of cognigraphic data. With the help of the knowledge verification system, the user passes an assessment of the actual ownership of each entity in Cognigraph. Verification of one’s competencies is one of the unique features of the Cognigraph system, which is a confirmation of the actual knowledge of the user. Verification of competencies plays a significant role when providing a cognigraph as a document/resume to other organizations or planning their development.

The cognigraph system has a general functionality for working with dynamic user maps, including searching and selecting cognitive data templates for suitable professions and skills, building personalized development routes based on a personal cognigraph, creating a digital passport document of one’s competence, as well as tracking one’s progress compared to the competencies of famous people.

For more information about the features, see the Cognigraph page.

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