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Metaverse for celebrities and experts

The AIP Institute invites celebrities, opinion leaders and experts in their fields to participate in a research project to create a digital impression of a person’s qualifications.

Competency Digital Imprint

practical and research educational project based on Adaptive Information Potential (AIP), aimed at creating a digital imprint of a specific person as a model for managing information accumulated in the course of life for further transmission to generations.

Project Goals

  • development of methods and technologies for allocating actual human knowledge and abilities for structured presentation and further transfer;
  • development of methods of adaptability of forms and methods of information transmission;
  • testing the applicability of existing cognitive, psychological, cognitive theories and models implemented within the framework of the AIP training and evaluation algorithm;
  • formation of the most complete set of features that characterize the stored information in memory, psychological, physiological characteristics, cognitive capabilities, and even mental characteristics of a person.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us using any of the available methods!
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Other Materials

Adaptive Information Potential

An information fragment containing a semantic core, presented in several contexts and multiple scenarios, and evaluated through a binary evaluation of the result of the possibility of application ("done" or "not done", "can" or "can't").
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Cognigraph System

A cognigraph is an individual’s personal dynamic potential map, created using binary scores for theoretical and practical knowledge and psychomotor, cognitive, and other physiological capabilities, as well as other human activities.
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