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The Cognigraph project is aimed at formalizing experience and creating a structured representation of human knowledge in the form of a dynamically growing map of cognigraphic data based on personal confirmation and assessing algorithms.

The results of the work will allow to solve the problems of collecting and updating existing knowledge into a Ontology, formalized features that describe the most fully human capabilities (informational, cognitive, psychomotor, and others). The Cognigraph information system allows you to work with cognigraphic data in order to build personal development routes, assess compliance, as well as form a database of qualifications for goals and objectives in education and business.


The researches of a set of quantitative and qualitative features necessary for a full description of a person's cognitive and learning abilities, preferences, intelligence, style and actual knowledge.
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Development of tools for the Cognigraph system and structuring information about human knowledge, skills and labor actions into a single Ontology of cognitive data.
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