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Press Resources

Frequently used media resources, including downloadable images, videos and compilations, fast facts, analytical reports, and more.

At the AIP Institute, we aim to make continuous evaluation and self-improvement possible in an era of complete automation, by breaking down your abilities and knowledge.

Founder of AIP Institute, Aleksandr Yuryev

AIP Institute

The AIP Institute is an interdisciplinary research center that was founded in 2019 in Shenzhen, China. The center develops categorization principles and methods, and evaluates information applicability and transfer.


Adaptive Information Potential (AIP /ˈeɪ ˈaɪ pɪː/ n [C]) is an information fragment that contains a semantic core, presented in multiple contexts and multiple scenarios, and evaluated by means of a binary assessment of applicability (“done” or “not done”, “can” or “cannot”). In this definition, the semantic core is defined as the designation of the stored information fragment for further targeted use.


ADANEC is an integrated informational system for creating, editing and storing non-linear adaptive scenarios of human-machine interaction within the framework of educational and work activities with the ability to evaluate and monitor performance.

ADANEC is based on a procedural methodology for modeling the processes of human interaction with content, the environment and remote technical means, including in virtual and augmented reality. The key element of ADANEC Cloud is a visual object-oriented programming environment based on its own notation for creating and describing learning processes and work processes through human-machine interaction scenarios.


Cognigraph – a unique, dynamic map of the individual’s potential, created using binary scores of theoretical and practical knowledge, and psychomotor, cognitive and other physiological capabilities as a set of interlinked AIP units. This dynamic map may become a new CV format, a new qualification certificate or another kind of digital personal record.

AIP Qualification Framework

AIP Qualification Framework – a set of tools and methods that allow a binary evaluation system to be created for employees’ occupational activity and for personalized teaching to compensate for a lack of certain occupational functions based on learners’ information comprehension profiles. AIP-based evaluation and learning allows for the formation of personalized horizontal and vertical career paths, the creation of motivational systems for employees based on their own potential, and the evaluation and training of staff to perform certain tasks in a short period of time.

Competency Digital Imprint

Competency Digital Imprint – a practical, scientific and educational project based on Adapting Information Potential. It aims to create a digital impression of a specific individual as a model for managing information collected during the course of life for the transmission of this information to future generations.