Our mission

To explore how intelligence comes to be, and to define the elements of information exchange between humans. Our approach focuses on identifying forms of information flow and methods for information exchange between humans.

About Institute
The AIP Institute is an interdisciplinary research center that was founded in 2019 in Shenzhen, China. It develops principles and methods for classifying information, assessing its applicability, and transferring it.
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What is AIP?
We promote the development and implementation of an algorithm for evaluating and training Adaptive Information Potential (AIP) in systems for various purposes, from education at various levels to automation of interaction with technical means.
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About Cognigraph
The Cognigraph project is aimed at formalizing experience and creating a structured representation of human knowledge in the form of a dynamically growing map of cognigraphic data based on personal confirmation and assessing algorithms.
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AIP Accreditation
We offer comprehensive integration and functional solutions based on AIP, including AIP accreditation for organizations, individuals and government agencies wishing to obtain accreditation and a license for the implementation and integration of the AIP methodology.
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