Accreditation is a recognition, by AIP Institute, of your educational organization’s adoption and integration of AIP institute methodology and AIP structures in your program and education structure.

Accreditation is a tool of quality assurance developed primarily to distinguish educational organizations and training providers adhering to AIP Institute’s educational AIP-based Standards. This accreditation process is specifically designed to ensure that accredited bodies are effectively enhancing and improving learner’s performance contributing for higher achievement and sustainable learning.

Accreditation by AIP Institute requires accreditation candidates to fully meet AIP Institute’s Accreditation Standards. The standards are developed carefully to completely reflect the AIP Institute’s vision and approach to education, information, and knowledge management and structures.

Accreditation Components

AIP Institute’s Accreditation process consists of different components and phases that need to be completed in sequence in order to achieve the accreditation target. The chart below shows the components and the process:

You can download accreditation handbook and download Accreditation Application Form. For more information on application and accreditation, please contact us.