The Institute

The AIP Institute is an international organization responsible for creating, developing, maintaining and controlling quantifiable units of knowledge and learning known as AIPs (Adapting Information Potential).

Our Mission

Triggering human potentials through adapting information

Our mission is achieved by providing all types of education regimes, systems, operators and providers with AIPs (Adapting Information Potentials) that offer flexibility, transparency, efficiency and accuracy to education world to ensure that human knowledge and learning are kept systematized, quantifiable, and assessable for better growth of human abilities.

Our Activities

As the sole organization that regulates AIPs, the AIP Institute empowers education bodies, educators, and public governmental bodies to strengthen and modernize their position in global education scene while helping to assure the efficiency and effectivity of human knowledge and information management through standardization, accreditation, and assessment of AIPs.

The institute oversees the standardization, creation, development, and promulgation of information, knowledge and learning standards (AIPs) that impact human activity in every single domain: from Engineering and Finance, to Psychology and Arts.

AIP Institute is also an accreditation body that is solely authorized to accredit AIP implementation to organizations, personnel, and governmental bodies. The accreditation allows the accredited body to implement and integrate AIPs in their information, knowledge, and education management systems as units of human activities and knowledge.

AIP assessment products and services cover all domains and AIPs developed utilizing assessment tools that are compatible to our assessment model and methodology. The performance and ability evaluation are designed to fully and comprehensively cover all aspects of AIPs based on non-gradable assessment criteria: can perform the AIP or cannot perform the AIP.


Established in 2017, AIP Institute is an independent private-sector organization that has started establishing information, knowledge, and learning standards that can be utilized and integrated in education process to ensure efficient, effective, and quantifiable learning. The concept has started from the need to define skills and what constitutes a skill, a learning domain, and competencies. The institute started with identifying the gaps in literature and research in knowledge management which led to discovery of lapses and gaps in management of human information, knowledge, understanding, capacities and abilities. The institute then defined and dissected all sorts and types of human activities and skills, reaching a unified unit of measurement: AIP. Then the institute branched humans’ domains and fields of knowledge to around 5000 entries and branches that cover 17 domains: A modern map of humanity and knowledge!

Partners and Affiliates

The AIPs Institute covers more than 19 fields and areas of human knowledge with over 5000 branches. AIPs deliver the right solutions for education and training providers to address critical knowledge and information structures’ challenges. Our partners and affiliates benefit from adopting AIP structure to bypass years of education evolution and gain huge advances against competition which is still stuck with conventional useless and ineffective knowledge and information structures.