AIP Fields

All Knowledge & Information Fields

AIP institute provides the optimum criteria for sectors to regulate the processes, functions, and operations in their respective fields as AIPs cover all information related to all areas and sectors: generic, basic, critical, specialized, functional or cross-functional.


Human legacy in creating information and knowledge, is well maintained and reserved through AIPs. The AIPs created and developed by AIP Institute covers the following:

Number of Fields17
Number of Departments / Sub-fields276
Level 3 Branches1602
Level 4 Branches1326
Level 5 Branches1003
Level 6 Branches477
Level 7 Branches77
Level 8 Branches27
Level 9 Branches29
Level 10 Branches6

Below is the list of Fields:

- Accounting
- Business
- Computer Science
- Economics
- Education
- Engineering
- Finance
- Journalism
- Law
- Mathematics
- Medicine
- Performance Arts
- Psychology
- Public Administration
- Sciences
- Sociology