Adapting Information Potential (AIP) is the universal quantifiable measurement unit of human activities.

What is AIP?

AIP /ˈeɪ ˈaɪ pɪː/ n [C], abbr.: (Adapting Information Potential) is single action ability to adapt information in multiple contexts and scenarios after changing and modifying its corresponding restrictions that can have only two options: “can do”, or, “cannot do”, with no gradable performance measurement.

AIP Rationale

Because any skill consists of multi-actions and executions, and involves a number of components and parts, we dissect the skill, identify its constituting components, and create the right assessment to assess learners against these AIPS: whether they can do the AIP, or cannot do it.

Information and Skills

Current educational programs offered in any format are designed, divided, and developed based on convictions and not scientifically or logically informed. Courses creators and designers fail to provide explanation on why a course starts, ends, or covers a particular topic, materials or information.

In addition to the inability to estimate information, learners fail to get the accurate and exact information, and training of highly demanded skills. This is mainly due to the absence of information measurement, and the lack of accurate skill definition. Simply because no one knows what constitutes that skill! Some offer and consider “Critical Thinking” as a skill course, while “Singing” or “Cooking” are also presented as skills. This ambiguity and inability to define what a “skill” is, are mainly because there are no parameters “skill” parameters to define or judge “skill” courses to be of good quality, poor quality, complete, incomplete, concise, comprehensive, etc.

AIP Structure

Each AIP is allocated and determined by:

  • Domain (Business, Economics, Physics, etc.)
  • Department (Trade, Sale, Commerce, etc.)
  • Parent Skill: Multiple AIPs grouped together that constitute together one skill (Analyzing Data Skill, etc…)
  • Competency Package: A large set of AIPs from different domains and departments that constitute and correspond to a specific role, position, or task (Recruiter Package)
Sample Skill Structure and Competency Package Components

AIPs are based on verbs, the verb choice will determine the following:

1. The learning nature of Skills and AIPs (What): cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (physical), affective (emotions)

2. The second attribute of AIPs is determined by the domain specialists:
The learning type of Skills and AIPs (where to be implemented): Critical, Generic (Basic), Functional, Precise Functional, Cross-functional